About Me


a journey starts with a purpose

My story

In 2020, I was diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder secondary to a post traumatic event. Exacerbated by the onset of Covid-19 pandemic, my symptoms escalated quickly to the point of me developing the fear of going outside (agoraphobia). Within the three years of forced isolation, I strived to develop skills and hobbies to entertain myself as I go through a long process of psychological and psychiatric intervention towards healing. 

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always love being creative. The people around me discovered I had a talent in visual arts and writing at the early stage of my childhood. Although not much developed growing up, it was only during my mental crisis days that I forced myself to sit down and hone the talents in me. 

Today, I developed the Modern Blogger as an avenue to share the beauty and lessons of life I learned through the condition. Apart from that, this blogsite is designed to feature place, people, and the perks of our daily lives to spark inspiration and foster the habit of reading in today’s digital world. 

Let’s live our best lives!


-Karl Bryan Bago